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Laboratory has a modern scientific and technical base for basic and applied scientific research directed to the maintenance and improvement of the health of workers occupied in various economic activities with harmful and hazardous working conditions.

Main directions of activity are:
  • substantiation of physiological, hygienic and ergonomic requirements for the personal protective equipment and industrial exoskeletons at the stages of design, development, creation and operation;
  • conformity assessment of personal protective equipment, industrial exoskeletons and materials, which were used for their production, with physiological, hygienic and ergonomic standards and requirements;
  • assessment of functional status and efficiency of an individual using personal protective equipment and industrial exoskeletons under the exposure to adverse effects of working environment, including cooling and heating microclimate;
  • development of recommendations for labor regime of workers using personal protective equipment and industrial exoskeletons;
  • scientific basis for the requirements for the safe use of personal protective equipment and industrial exoskeletons during working activity;
  • scientific basis for regulatory requirements for the parameters of meteorological factors in conjunction with factors that determine human heat exchange with the environment and the state of the functional systems;
  • physiological and hygienic studies on the assessment of personal protective equipment to determine the compliance with their storage conditions, development of the requirements for thermal insulation of personal protective equipment from the cold taking into account hygienic properties of materials and design;
  • development of mathematical models to predict the thermal state of a person depending on the specific weather conditions, physical activity, personal protective equipment, duration of stay in cold and heating environments; development of the requirements for personal protective equipment against cold and heat and methods of the assessment;
  • scientific substantiation for improving hygienic norms and risk assessment of health impairment from the adverse effect of microclimatic factors in conditions of modern technological complex development;
  • physiological, hygienic and ergonomic testing of personal protective equipment and industrial exoskeletons in laboratories and real conditions to assess their conformity with the requirements of acting normative documents including «On safety of personal protective equipment» (ТР ТС 019/2011);
  • study and analysis of domestic and foreign materials on the issues of hygienic, physiological, toxicological, sanitary-chemical and ergonomic research of personal protective equipment and industrial exoskeletons;
  • development and revision of acting normative documents that regulate physiological, hygienic and ergonomic research, exploitation of personal protective equipment and exoskeletons;
  • scientific support at the stages of design, creation and exploitation of perspective personal protective equipment and industrial exoskeletons.