Head of laboratory




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Scientific activities:
  • Improvement of methodological approaches to the substantiation of safe levels of exposure of chemical compounds
  • Study of the general patterns of interaction of the organism with chemical substances and nanomaterials (nanoparticles) in the industrial environment, depending on the dose (concentration), time and mode of action, on the basis of studies of the mechanisms of homeostasis disturbance at the organism, tissue, cellular and molecular levels
  • Study of toxicodynamics and toxicokinetics of industrial poisons
  • Development of the biological monitoring system for exposure and effect, substantiation of biological markers and criteria for harmful effects of chemicals, establishing probabilistic thresholds; assessment of the combined, complex and combined action of chemical compounds
  • Assessment of the risk of adverse chemical impact, depending on the excess of hygienic standards, taking into account immediate and remote effects
  • Scientific substantiation, development and adjustment of methodological and other normative and legislative documents
  • Substantiation of hygienic standards for the air of the working area, atmospheric air in populated areas
  • Substantiation of safe levels of the content of chemicals (their metabolites) in human biological media