Head of laboratory


Doctor of Biology


+7 (495) 3660566

Scientific activities:
  • Development and improvement of the methods of studying the morbidity (based on the number of visits to doctors, medical checkup, occupational morbidity and etc.), occupational traumatism, mortality and life expectancy of the workers and the working-age people, the assessment of the health damage caused by harmful and dangerous working conditions
  • Studying and assessment of occupational morbidity and occupational injuries dynamics in the country, and also in the context of certain kinds of economic activity and territories
  • Organization and carrying out of social, hygienic and epidemiological research
    on the assessment of industrial, occupational, ecological and other risk factors’ impact on the health condition of the workers, the working-age people and other groups according to the indexes of morbidity, disability, mortality, life expectancy and other health characteristics
  • Analysis of medical and demographic situation in the country, the assessment of the health condition of working-age people and other groups, considering occupational factors, social and economic status, life style and others
  • Introduction of different methods and schemes of analytical epidemiology, statistic methods, demography and modeling into occupational health research works allows to identify and establish the cause-effect relationship between working conditions and workers’ health, as well as the impact of parents’ working conditions on the health of children while studying the mortality in the long-term period