Head of laboratory



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Scientific activities:
  • Study of physiological, psychological and ergonomic aspects of optimization of labor processes for different types of activities (mental, physical, shift work) in order to improve the working capacity and prevent diseases of workers
  • Study of the mechanisms and conditions for the emergence of fatigue and overstrain of the neuromuscular apparatus of workers and the substantiation of measures for their prevention during labor activity associated with different types of muscular loads
  • Study and development of scientific bases for the prevention of medical and social consequences of psycho-emotional stress among workers in the working conditions
  • Expert assessment of existing shift schedules (with fast or slow rotation, different duration of shifts) with substantiation of measures for their optimization
  • Physiological and ergonomic substantiation and development of measures of primary prevention of development of unfavorable functional conditions, as overstrain and overwork, diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal disorders in different types of work during a shift and in the period of rest
  • Substantiation and approbation of different methods of correction of the functional state of the organism of workers, increasing the level of efficiency to prevent somatic and occupational pathology among the workers in administrative, operator dispatching, creative and executive types of work
  • Development, substantiation and approbation of measures to prevent the development of stress in the workers in different sectors of the economy
  • Development and substantiation of measures aimed at maintaining the working capacity and increasing the labor productivity of physical, visually tense and mental activities of the workers
  • Development and substantiation of measures for occupational selection of people in the profession of operator-dispatch services, government officials, the workers engaged in extreme situations, managers and office workers, as well as for other types of work
  • Ergonomic assessment of the organization of work places at the enterprises of different branches of the economy and development of the recommendations for their optimization