IV Practical Workshop
“Flight safety. Fuel supply safety”

On March 19, the IV Practical Workshop “Flight safety. Fuel supply safety” took place in Moscow dedicated to questions of safety for business aviation. Its major content were dedicated to human resource: current industry situation, education and training, development and maintaining of qualification, influence on the newest technologies and maintenance of flight safety level, human resource and artificial intelligence, and other. Questions were studied in different aspects — flight safety, ground handling, fuel supply.

From our Institute report “Evaluation of Work lntensity for Aircraft Flight Crew Members and Transition to Fatigue Risk Management System” was made by I.V. Bukhtiyarov and E.V. Zibarev.

Report contained new scientific data on evaluation of intensity indicators for sensory load and deficiency of attention allocation for aircraft flight crew members during routine operations in the simulation center settings while working on comprehensive simulators, for training and drilling aviation cadets, pilots, flight operators and technicians.

According to study results it was established that aircraft pilots experience sensory loads which not only significantly exceed maximum values described in the Russian regulatory documents but also exceed the values determined for other similar professional groups, some of them show a 7-fold increase.

The author proposes new criteria for evaluation of work intensity of aircraft flight crew members with future transition to the fatigue related risk management system.

Learn more about the event on the official website bizavsafety.aero.

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