Scientific and practical conference “Health and Environment”

November 15-16, 2018, scientific and practical conference “Health and Environment” was held in Minsk (the Republic of Belarus).

350 specialists of the leading research centers of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia took part in the event.

Evgeny Zibarev, Deputy Director for research, MD, PhD, and Galina Tikhonova, head of Laboratory of social and hygienic research, Doctor of Biology, took part in the work of the Conference and made the reports.

The report, made by E. Zibarev, “Current methodological approach to the occupational risk assessment”, provided the information on current methodological approach to the occupational risk assessment as a key instrument for management decisions in choosing and holding targeted preventive activities with the workers of high occupational risk level. According to the proposed approach the level of risk evidence is the basic methodological principle for occupational risks assessment. The report also provided the basic provisions of new P 2.2.1766-XX “Guidance for occupational risks assessment of workers’ health. Principles, methods and criteria” elaborated by the Chief Scientist of the Institute, Doctor of Biology Professor E. Denisov with the co-authors, projection methods of 11 factors of labor process and working environment, criteria for formation of the groups with the risk of developing occupational diseases according to the results of periodic medical examinations.

The report, made by G. Tikhonova, “Social-hygienic and epidemiological research in occupational health”, presented the history of the formation of social, hygienic and epidemiological methods regarding the tasks of hygiene and occupational health during XIX–XXI centuries. There are the results of a number of cohort epidemiological research related to the methods of evidence-based medicine which allowed establishing the causal link between the exposure to dangerous or harmful industrial factors, including carcinogenic, and workers’ health condition, including the remote period.

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