IV All-Russian forum of otorhinolaryngologists of Russia “Interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of head and neck diseases”

20-21 September 2018, IV All-Russian forum of otorhinolaryngologists of Russia “Interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of head and neck diseases” with international participation was held.

Forum organizers: Federal medical and biological agency of Russia, FSBI “Clinical research center of otorhinolaryngology of Federal medical and biological agency of Russia” the Russian Ministry of Health, National medical association of otorhinolaryngologists, Association of phoniatores and phonopedes.

Participants: otorhinolaryngologists, audiologists, phoniatores, oncologists, pulmonologists, plastic and maxillofacial surgeons, therapists, pediatricians, allergists, occupational physicians, speech therapists, defectologists and other specialists from all over Russia. In accordance with the plan of the Russian Ministry of Health for 2018 and Order of the Russian Ministry of Health No. 16-5/10/2-4559 of 13.07.2018.

20 September 2018 the meeting of the Profile commission on “Otorhinolaryngology” (participants: chief specialist otorhinolaryngologists of Russia) and break-out session “Occupational pathology” took place (Chairmen: A. Bushmanov, V. Pankova, Y. Nakatis).

Topical issues of otorhinolaryngology in occupational pathology were raised. The main subjects of reports are:

  • “Topical issues of occupational pathology of Federal medical and biological agency of Russia” (A. Bushmanov)
  • “ENT and occupational pathology specialists at the present stage of health-care development. Tasks.” (V. Pankova)
  • “Features of formation of occupational neurosensory deafness in modern conditions” (I. Fedina, E. Preobrazhenskaya)
  • “Impact of noise-vibration factor on heart rhythm variability” (P. Serebryakov)
  • “Criteria of early diagnosis of a hearing disorder of workers of noise professions in mechanical engineering and the role of the prevention programs” (A. Rakhimzyanov)
  • “Criteria for assessing hearing loss from noise: prevention priority before compensation” (E. Denisov, N. Kurierov, M. Bulgakova, O. Khakhileva)
  • “Expertise issues of occupational malignant diseases of respiratory organs” (P. Serebryakov)
  • “Application of standard model ISO 1999-2013 for the assessment and prognosis of hearing loss on the example of civil aviation pilots” (L. Prokopenko, N. Kurierov, A. Lagutina)
  • “Modern approaches to the definition of the function of the hearing organs while medical-flight expertise of civil aviation personnel” (L. Skryabina)
  • “The experience of pre-judicial medical examination of the conflict situations of the connection of hearing disorders with the occupation” (N. Bomshtein)
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