II International Youth Forum

From 29 May to 1 June 2018 in Yalta, the Republic of Crimea, II International Youth Forum “OCCUPATION and HEALTH” was held. The organizers of the event were the Occupational Health Physicians and Specialists Association, Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health and Vernadsky Crimean Federal University. At the Opening Ceremony to all Forum’s participants and guests on behalf of its organizers greeted RAS Corresponding Member Victor Rukavishnikov, Professors Ludmila Kuzmina and Anatoly Kubyshkin.


The program of the event consisted of the Educational Workshop on the theme “Methodological Principles of Research in Occupational Hygiene and Diseases”, the Competition of Scientific Works of Young Scientists and Specialists, and the Scientific Conference “Trends in the Development of Occupational Health in the 21st Century”. About 70 scientists in the field of occupational health, industrial ecology and public health, general clinical and hygienic disciplines, other specialties, representatives of many regions of the Russian Federation and some countries of the Near Abroad took part in the Forum.

The lecture material of the Educational Workshop was presented by the leading specialists in the field of the preservation of the health of workers: RAS Corresponding Members Igor Bukhtiyarov (Moscow) and Victor Rukavishnikov (Angarsk), doctors of science and professors Sergey Babanov (Samara), Elena Evstafieva (Simferopol), Sergey Kozulya (Simferopol), Oleg Lakhman (Angarsk), Irina May (Perm), Natalya Malyutina (Perm), Elena Poteryaeva (Novosibirsk), Nina Rubtsova (Moscow), Victor Semenikhin (Kemerovo), Liliya Fatkhutdinova (Kazan), Lubov Shpagina (Novosibirsk), candidate of medical sciences Vasily Lysukhin (Moscow). During the seminar on many issues of the sounded material a lively discussion ensued with questions and discussion, analysis, hypotheses and disputes, in which, along with eminent professors, young specialists also participated.

The Competition of Scientific Works was also lively with the discussion of the messages presented by the young participants of the Forum. Sometimes, questions and discussions significantly supplemented the clarity of the material presented, which was especially useful for scientific youth. The jury consisted of 11 people. For the first time in the decision on the issue of awarding prizes to participants, secret anonymous voting was used, and all jury members were given numbered ballots. The criteria for assessing the speakers were six factors: the scientific value of the work; quality of presentation of the material; compliance with the content of the stated topic; degree of freedom of presentation; the quality of the demonstration material and compliance with the regulations.

Each member of the jury evaluated the speaker on a 5-point system. As a result, the maximum number of points a participant could score was 330. The winner scored 321 points. He became a representative of the Siberian Science Region, an employee of the East Siberian Institute of Medical and Environmental Research, Mikhail Novikov. He presented a report on the topic “Development of new approaches to assessing the safety of nanocomposites”.

Thus, the symbol of the Forum — the Prize of the Winner of the Competition of Scientific Works of Young Scientists and Specialists — went again to Angarsk (at the previous Forum, its winner was Vera Vokina, a researcher of the same Institute).

Among the Laureates of the Contest: Nikolay Anokhin (Moscow), Gulnar Kamalova (Kazan), Sergey Martin (Ekaterinburg), Zhanbol Sabirov (Karaganda), Pavel Sorokoumov (St. Petersburg), Yana Subbotina (Moscow), Georgy Tokmakov (Samara). All laureates of the Contest were awarded an Honorary Diploma, a memorable gift and a cash prize.

The Scientific Conference of young scientists on the theme “Trends in the development of Occupational Health in the 21st century” was also held at a high professional level, specialists presented the results of research in various fields of occupational health and touched upon the problems of safety in the workplace.

The cultural program of the Forum included an excursion to the Alupka Park Complex, the Livadia and Vorontsov Palaces, a visit to the Castle “Swallow’s Nest” and a boat trip on a boat.


The next III International Youth Forum “OCCUPATION and HEALTH” will be held in May-June 2020, the venue and exact dates will be announced later.

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