International Scientific and Practical Conference “Occupational Health and Work Longevity”

On July 5-6, 2018 in Shakhty, Rostov Region, the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Occupational Health and Work Longevity” was held, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Center for Occupational Medicine in the Rostov Region.

The organizers of the conference were Rostov Region Treatment and Rehabilitation Center No. 2, Rostov State Medical University of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health, Physicians and Specialists of Occupational Health Association and Republican Center for Labor Protection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus.

In the solemn part of the event, greetings were made by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Rostov Region, Andrey Eroshenko, director of IRIOH Igor Bukhtiyarov, chief doctor of the Rostov Region Treatment and Rehabilitation Center No. 2 Tatyana Piktushanskaya, Head of the Department of Occupational Medicine of Rostov State Medical UniversityYury Gorblyansky and the head of the department of professional risks management and professional health protection by Republican Center for Labor Protection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus Tatyana Rybina.

The most topical issues of occupational hygiene and medicine, and also labor longevity were selected for discussion. The conference was accredited by the system of continuous medical and pharmaceutical education of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

The conference was attended by more than 100 delegates from the regions of the Russian Federation from the countries of the Near Abroad. Within the framework of the Conference, 1 plenary and 3 sectional sessions were held, at which 29 reports were presented. Participants of the Conference noted that the issues of labor longevity and professional health at the present stage acquire special significance in connection with the Presidential Decrees and the planned pension reform in the Russian Federation.

One of the points of the resolution adopted by the participants of the Conference, supported unanimously, was the decision to apply to the Government of the Rostov Region for the appropriation of the Rostov Region Treatment and Rehabilitation Center No. 2 named after Irina Piktushanskaya, taking into account her great personal contribution to the development of domestic occupational medicine and development of the Center.

From the Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health in the work of the conference participated with the reports of Igor Bukhtiyarov, Evgeny Shigan, Galina Tikhonova and Galina Lagutina.

With congratulation to the participants and guests of the event, the Municipal Ensemble of Song and Dance “Nadezhda”, Shakhty, performed.

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