Meeting of chief freelance occupation health physicians of Volga federal district

20-21 March, 2018, the meeting of chief freelance occupation health physicians of Volga federal district took place in Ulyanovsk. The meeting was attended by chief freelance occupation health physician of the Russian Ministry of Health, Director of the Institute I. Bukhtiyarov and employees of our Institute: head of Clinical department of nervous and musculoskeletal systems, assistant professor of Sechenov University, PhD G. Lagutina, doctor expert M. Bulgakova.

Chief of Moscow Center of occupation pathology of “City clinic No. 3” A. Evdoshenko and chief freelance occupation health physicians of Udmurtia, Chuvashiya, Tatarstan, Saratov, Orenburg and Uliyanovsk regions.

During the meeting the questions of current state and development of the service in the Russian Federation and Privolzhsk federal district were discussed, as well as the interaction with large enterprises on the compliance with labor protection regulations, system of specialists' accreditation and changes in the federal legislation.

Specialists of the Institute also took part at the meeting in the Center of occupation pathology of the region. The meeting was held by Uliyanovsk region governor S. Morozov. The agenda included the issues of occupation pathology assistance in Uliyanovsk and prospects for development of the Center. The project of the construction of Russian-Chinese cluster on medical equipment was presented to the participants.

The second working day was completely devoted to the complicated issues of expertise, process of interaction between regional Center of occupation pathology and Centers of occupation pathology of the Russian Ministry of Health and FSBSI IRIOH. During the discussion the occupation morbidity situation at Uliyanovsk car factory was comprehensively analyzed.

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