“Process of teaching in invasive methods for diagnosis of phoniatric diseases for medical faculties' students”

In 2018, Workshop “Organization of medical faculties' students teaching in invasive methods for diagnosis of phoniatric diseases” took place in Istanbul, Marth, 7th, organized by Istanbul chamber of otolaryngologists and Medical faculty of Uskudar University.

Theoretical part was presented by professor of Turkish Association of otolaryngologists, Dr. F. Os, and assistant professor of Medical University Gulhkane, Dr. H. Birkent. The conversation was about the possibilities of applying the method of videolaryngostroboscopy to diagnose phoniatric disorders of different genesis (as well as occupational diseases of voice).

Practical part of the workshop was held by the chief of Turkish department of European phoniatrist union, professor, Dr. S. Akbulut and professor of Medical faculty of Uskudar University, Dr. K. Elken.

Special endoscopic equipment (videolaryngostroboscopy) was demonstrated to the participants and it was shown how to use it. Postgraduate student of the Laboratory of labor physiology and preventive ergonomics, Yuliya Alizade, took part in the workshop and during discussion told about her scientific work in the field of occupational health, devoted to the prevention issues of voice apparatus' disorders of teachers.

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