Meeting of the working group under the CIS Executive Committee on the issues of health, sanitary and epidemiological support of the flights of civil aviation aircraft of the CIS member states

June 6-8, 2018, the meeting of the working group on the preparation of proposals on the issues of medical and sanitary-epidemiological support for the flights of civil aviation aircraft of the CIS member states was held.

At the meeting the issues on amending the “Regulations on the working group”, proposals on the order of medical and sanitary-epidemiological support for flights of civil aircraft in accordance with the International Health Regulations, the documents of the International Aviation Committee, the procedure for certification of the conditions for carrying out activities on medical maintenance of flights of civil aircrafts of the CIS member states and etc. were discussed.

E. Zibarev, deputy director on scientific work, PhD, took part at the meeting on behave of FSBSI “Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health”.

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